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Fred Braxton

Hi all, great collection of info. With acknowledgments to Beacon and EDA Network, here’s a summary for clients I wrote some time ago for the EDAs:
Heat-transfer systems
For these to work well you need:
·         enough heat at the source for all rooms you want to heat
·         a heated room where the temperature at the ceiling exceeds 25-30C
·         a fan capable of the maximum airflow required 
·         a thermostat to prevent the fan starting before the inlet air is hot enough
·         insulated ducting to reduce heat losses
·         duct runs as short as possible
·         few outlets per fan – one or two outlets much better than three
·         outlets located away from doors
·         outlets in the room to be heated, not in the hallway adjacent
·         a quiet fan (check claimed noise rating) properly suspended 
·         outlets whose flow can be adjusted, or closed if the room is not to be heated
·         a flow path for the return air
·         competent installation