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Vicki Cowan

We haven’t looked at heat transfer kits in a detailed study (oh how I would like to) but from our Papakowhai Research we came to the following conclusions about when they work best:

-with a wood burner

-with insulated ducting (otherwise all the heat is lost into the ceiling)

-with the outlets going to where you want the heat (don’t heat transfer to a hallway – if you want it to heat the bedrooms put the outlets in the bedrooms – and best not too close to the door)

-with fewer rather than more outlets (1 or 2 is better than 3 or 4)

-with shorter rather than longer ducting (if you’ve got a space you want to heat a long way away from the wood burner don’t be tempted ┬áto use heat transfer)

-with a thermostat (so that they transfer heat when there actually is some to transfer) – normally you locate this on the other side of the room from the heat source

-with a grunty fan.