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Norman Smith

I don’t have such a report in my system but its always possible BRANZ or Consumer have covered it or a Masters student somewhere made this the subject of their thesis. If you have time a serious iterative literature search would be the place to start.

In looking for the definitive statement I find its always important to see what the principal product suppliers are saying, e.g. Mitre 10, Bunnings and Plcacemakers. e.g. http://www.mitre10.co.nz/how_to_guides/interior/heat_transfer_kits_guide/. Among other things they are often the source which in the first instance the public go to, and listen to, when they have a problem. They are there to sell products but that is not to say its deliberately misleading, if not always the full story.

I believe one of the roles of home energy advisers is to act as moderators who have the knowledge to tell the other side of the story, particular when households are bombarded with TV advertising about miracle energy saving products – surely coming soon when autumn arrives!  As a matter of interest, as a frequenter of hardware outlets for many years, the arrival of  these huge outlets has also meant the severe dumbing down of staff. It’s not their fault but the staff there don’t know nuffink.

Of course Janet the other question is — what is the issue your client is looking to address? You said they were interesting in pumping heat, but what is the problem? Not sure if you have been to have a look at your client’s house; are they too hot in the lounge, too cold in ther bedroom, is the issue dampness or asthma? Its always possible they sought to address the presenting problem and with limited knowledge and reached a conclusion  the solution was heat transfer kits when it might not be.

Cheers, Norman