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Norman Smith

Your comment about heat transfer kits working best with log burners is linked to the energy output of various heating appliances. Larger woodburners of 18 kW capacity and more have the ability to heat (and sometimes overheat) a living area and so have some to spare to heat other rooms in the house.

Conversely heat pumps and the like at 6-8 kW have much less output and transferring some of this to bedrooms would be at the expense of heating the living room. I have heard of people insulating the ducting to reduce the heat loss as it passes through the ceiling space. I have also seen installations where hot air is removed from the apex of a ceiling and pumped down to bedrooms at a lower level, to make its way back up – a kind of virtuous circle you could say.

There are technical reports and other information about the efficacy of these systems, in the right situation I recommend them, and did just this week. As a starting point take a look at http://www.ecobob.co.nz/forum/ForumPosts/91/Re-Heat-transfer-systems-.aspx?ShowForumPostId=2078.

Regards, Norman