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Scott Willis

This is a question that Becky (Energy Cultures Team) can give a better response to than me (are you reading this Becky?). There is currently a small bit of research Becky is running out here in Blueskin that involves a number of residents all on one line from the transformer. Households were asked to monitor all appliance use in real time over two weeks (jugs, washing machines, TVs, hair dryers, etc) and each household’s appliance in each house was tested. This will, when analysis is complete, provide a rich picture of current real-time use in one localised part of the grid, and then that bit of the grid will be modelled to see the effect of installing solar panels. It is expected this research will reveal:

What energy use habits can be usefully changed to best utilise solar PV at the household?
What storage systems if any would be useful at the household?
What storage and management systems could work for the energy neighbourhood?

Three of those households are installing solar panels in the next few months, so the modelling will get tested and we’ll see what people actually do. I’d suggest getting in touch with Becky for this residential electricity demand information. It will be very interesting to see what Chris and Energyshare come up with.