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Hi guys

I guess I’m coming at it from a slightly different angle. I also think there are several different reasons for getting together on Skype, and that would determine who participated and when.

In my mind all the people on the Hub already do have shared objectives. That’s why we’re all here! We might work for different organizations and have different mandates and different levels of interest but essentially we all want to increase access to high quality, independent, personalised advice to help people improve the performance of their homes and their well being. And we know we need the combined knowledge/experience of the group (at least) to achieve our end goals. Take a look at the Hub’s Purpose and how we are defining a Practitioner. This stuff is really important!

I guess what I was hoping for was another mechanism to supplement the website and continue to build a community of practice through the Hub. In future there might be still further ways… workshops, webinars, who knows…

So, for instance where people are posting technical questions in the forum, the Skype would just be another way to have those conversations if people are interested. No one has to show up, its just another forum for sharing info and building connection. And the website could help maintain the conversation in between. It can also be the place where documents/events are shared. I see the two supporting each other not being distinct or competing.

Also, we’ve learned that the site is OK for non-urgent questions/answers and for storing documents but its not great for working out how we can collaborate. We achieved loads at the workshops we’ve held and in the face to face meetings we’ve had around training, but that kind of energy and connection doesn’t seem to work online (yet…). So I see some kind of semi-regular skype between people who are interested in collaborating through the Hub as another way to supplement the site. In my mind this is the purpose of the Hub.

For me, as someone who is currently only connected to most of you guys regularly through this site. The connection isn’t great! Its really hard to know what’s going on for people, what’s important and how/whether the Hub can actually support that.