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Adam Reid

I thought the advisor skypes were really valuable too and it was good to keep a handle on what other advisors around the country were up to.  I do think there are a few issues to think about though though

1) The larger the group the more difficult it can be to arrange a time which works for everybody. How many parties can  can skype handle at a time?

2) Needs to have a clear agenda  and somebody appointed to facilitate and keep things  focused. I think we did this reasonably well with the advisor skypes  but still had issues with discussions running overtime.

3) Needs to be regular so that people can keep it in their diary but not too frequent. Monthly or bi-monthly is probably fine.

4) Who is included to begin with? I am thinking along the same line as Jo- it is probably best to keep the group small initially- not so much to be exclusive as to keep things manageable because once you get over a certain number involved it becomes difficult for everybody to participate. We could publish minutes on the hub site and if other members are interested they could opt in? I think we will find that we soon reach a max number of participants beyond which we might need to split into smaller groups.