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Scott Willis

BRCT is currently running energy workshops in Pine Hill, Dunedin. As part of our work, Chris Freear will be offering preliminary training for people wishing to gain auditing skills in May. There is no ability for BRCT to offer accreditation and the desire is to spread knowledge, grow skill and build capacity in the community. What we hope will come from it is:

7 people having participated in and completed mentored audits as conducted by BRCT

Greater community capacity in Dunedin to address some of the root causes of fuel poverty

A number of people who will be ready to undertake accreditation, should the opportunity arise.

The big challenge will be to devise something that is appropriate both to the skill and need level (i.e. there’s no need to be an engineer to be an auditor but there is a real need for auditors to be able to offer robust advice – and I note the debate about ventilation systems active even here!), while also being accessible to individuals and organisations working in the community sector with extremely limited resources.