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Thanks very much Christian, that’s a useful steer.

The only part of your post I don’t fully understand is this comment below about running costs:

First of all, this really is only an issue for the household if they have separate meters for controlled and uncontrolled electricity supply with different prices for each. If it is only one meter the pricing would be the same as with a ripple-controlled cylinder

This is due to my lack of knowledge about controlled and uncontrolled supply. Are you saying that if they are using an uncontrolled meter for continuous flow water heating in the kitchen it will be more expensive (i.e. because uncontrolled supply is more expensive), whereas one meter on a controlled cylinder would have lower costs? Does this also presuppose that if they only have one meter it will be a controlled supply?

I could just call you to ask you about this… but if you can bear explaining it in writing then someone else might learn from it too : )

Thanks very much.