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Hi guys

I’ve seen your responses pop into my email as they’ve been written but have just had a chance to read through them all in order. A lively discussion!

One of the things we identified at the workshop in Wellington last Thursday was that we wanted to create some “products” for advisors through the Hub. For instance, a useful syntheses of best practice (and practical know how) on particular issues. We thought developing one of these would be an experiment in itself in terms of how we collaborate, ensure and agree best practice, and resource it, that would inform future planning and decision making for the Hub initiative. We had a few ideas about topics but I don’t think we had firm agreement. It seems to me this could be a lively and useful first cab off the rank. One thing I’ve seen emerge of the past few months is a common call for decision-making frameworks not just on this particular issue but on others. I hope that we can channel some time and energy into this through the Hub.

This will no doubt fall out of the discussions and decisions we now need to have following on from the workshop. I will be writing up the key discussion points and actions from the meeting this week and will circulate ASAP, so hopefully more on this soon.




alked about at the workshop in Wellington last Thursday was using the process of de