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Nik Gregg

Hey Team – thanks for the wisdom and thoughts.

Paul – makes sense.  Godfrey had mentioned to me, that in our part of the country R4.0 was the point of diminishing returns.

Norman – good thought re ‘return on labour’.  Like this.

Lois – thanks – will email you.  The reason I was looking at ROI, was not to argue the case for insulation, I agree, that’s a given.  It was to argue the case that the standards are a minimum and that homes should be considering insulating well above the standard.  There, this begs the question, what is the ideal, and if I go above the minimum, how do I measure its performance.

Interestingly, found a document endorsed by EECA, written by CCANZ, designing comfortable homes 2nd edition.  This has some interesting calculation on heating assumptions for minimum levels of insulation, vs R3.6 and R5.0.

Thanks again for your thoughts – much appreciated.