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Phil Squire

Hi folks

Yes we do have a graph in the HEAC manual (per kind favour of Ian McChesney).

But the ROI I do think has some relevance. Unlike a granite bench top or holiday to the Gold Coast, you may well be investing for financial considerations (e.g. a lower energy bill, or the same energy bill for more comfort). Money invested for pleasure or status doesn’t usually expect a financial return – there’s not a lot of joy (apart from us energy geeks) from the knowledge that there’s R4.0 rather than R2.8 in the ceiling.

Last night I was chatting with my Dad who was looking at double glazing. And I was using the ROI route. Because they are in the lower north island and have excellent curtains and are typically gone for 6-8 weeks over the winter, investing in efficient heating would give a better ROI. They don’t need sound insulation and could better put their dollars into draughtproofing etc.