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Norman Smith

Thank Eion, Hi All, a helpful summary.

I thought I’d lrovided this comment (which followe here) but it must have been somewhere else.

In my experience Nick’s research failed to draw out the real benefits of retrofit film because he assumed, perhaps not unreasonably, it had a life of one year. True I don’t have young children or leaping dogs but the film on a window wall in my hallway (four 1m x 750mm windows) has been installed for eight years and is going strong. A tighten up with the hir dryer every couple of years is all it has needed. Because the nature of the construction made it possible I had some fun by installing additional 15mm beading, to add another layer of film to give me triple glazing. It worked, must do the calcs some time. If you can expect window film to last several years the economics blows everything else out of the water; I wonder how many double glazing companies guarantee their products for that long? Have got photos but then – there’s nothing to see!!

Cheers, Norman