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Norman Smith

Hi Sally, have the pdf file, and its a serious piece of research (see below) but I can’t honestly sign off to the requirement – By uploading files you acknowledge you have the right to share the file and agree to it being shared among the Hub community” Pretty sure it would be ok but don’t want to go there just in case, and wouldn’t want to compromise the Hub. However, I can make it available directly to anyone who asks. Norman

Nigel Isaacs was primary supervisor and John Burgess the secondary supervisor. We would like to
thank Building Research for the scholarship supporting Nick Smith, and to Beacon Pathway for
funding the laboratory testing. We would like to thank BRANZ for the use of their test facilities, and
Ian-Cox Smith, Mark Hearfield and Roger Stanford of BRANZ for their assistance in the assembly and testing. [The work of one A. Pollard of BRANZ is referenced.]