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Andrew Pollard

Hi Everyone,

In order to set a timer on a SWH system you’ve first got to have one to set!

Looking at this issue back in  2007 only 20% of the 33 systems I looked had a timer installed on the cylinder element. It is important to distinguish the control of the cylinder element from control of the circulation pump as if you don’t control the element it may reduce the efficiency of the system dramatically (Adrian Kerr has done modelling of this).

In looking to retrofit a timer to a badly configured solar system I was alarmed at the cost (over $150) for a fuse board mounted timer unit (if it was a plug-in version you’d get something at the Warehouse for under $20)

The other part of topic (setting temperatures) is a bit of the a long story. There is some risk awareness needed here.  It would be nice if could tell people to set this themselves (but not below a Legionella risk level) rather than advising them to consult an electrician (all of those dangerous wires to avoid). Perhaps consumer adjustable thermostats should be compulsory??