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Vicki Cowan

Yes a matrix of questions would help.

But I agree with Ian there’s a critical “missed opportunity/no regrets” piece in the decision making matrix.  If they are planning to upgrade their windows, and just stick in standard double glazing, then probably no further window improvement will happen until those windows are replaced – maybe another 30-50 years? Whereas ceiling insulation could be topped up in a cavity roof, in 12 months time.  So improving the windows should be the priority in my view.  It’s a similar argument with wall insulation, where if people are planning to reline anyway, it should be a top priority to include wall insulation, cos relining also only happens about every 30 years.

And there are condensation benefits with window upspec’ing as you mention Phil.  Certainly there’s a swag of research that seems to indicate that the dampness (and resultant mould) in our houses is as big a problem as cold when it comes to health outcomes (and makes the problems of cold worse when dampness is added to it). Avoiding having mould growing on the edges of the glass panes, and probably the curtains is probably a significant extra benefit.