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Scott Willis

Hi Norman,

Yes. These are financing options, to facilitate the uptake of sustainable energy options. The Kiwibank offer is available for “solar hot water, solar photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal. Domestic only”. “Kiwibank will contribute a maximum of $2000 over four years ($800 at the end of year one and $400 at the end of years two, three and four)”. “For more information, please contact Peter Lowe on 04 460 5338.

Prometheus offers “Eco-purchase loans for home owners” for “insulation, wood burning stoves, wetbacks, solar installations and double glazing”. The interest rate is fixed and is higher than the current Kiwibank loan, but it is for the product only and is not tacked onto an existing mortgage, so it may end up costing less, depending on the size of the mortgage.

Good that you have given these financing offers some profile, as uptake has been relatively low.