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Scott Willis

Wow, so many good angles here! Easy one first: I hear the Vector offer has catch at the end of life ($1000) – anyone know the full details of Vector’s programme? As I understand it there are only a dozen or so households so far.

Fred, I love your explanation of how you’ve become a very active ‘prosumer’ and I’m going to spend some time looking more closely at my own hot water system issues in light of your information with that fantastic detail.

Yesterday in a meeting with Paul Encell of Solarcity I heard more about ambition in the solar engineering world to create smarter solar PV but lack details.

The big issue is not the technology¬† though – all the solutions exist. Rather, its the simple package that is missing. Here in Blueskin we’re seeing a number of solar PV installations going in at present, all individual install arrangements so far, but a new standardised model being proposed and rolled out next week. Both are probably necessary to get broad acceptance and grow interest in the more complete, hands-on options.