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Norman Smith

Presumably people have heard about this initiative  announced last September:
Kiwibank, the Warehouse and SolarCity launch solar power push with Warehouse vouchers and Kiwibank ‘sustainable energy’ loans
Kiwibank is launching “sustainable energy loans”- tied to home loans – to help people buy solar power systems provided by SolarCity from the Warehouse. In a press release today the three companies said they were aiming to help New Zealand families instal solar power for as little as NZ$2.50 a day.


The initiative, dubbed “the Warehouse Solar Roof Shout” is aiming to instal 27,000 systems on rooftops to generate up to 65 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy annually, which the companies say is the equivalent of powering more than eight thousand homes. They say this would provide up to 30% of each homeowner’s energy use at a price below what they are currently paying for power.



SolarCity solar power systems will be showcased in six Warehouse stores every weekend, starting today, reaching 42 stores across New Zealand over the next year, and offering a NZ$250 voucher for every system sold.


Meanwhile, Kiwibank’s “sustainable energy loan” will see the bank contribute up to NZ$2,000 towards the cost of financing each system installed. The companies said the Kiwibank loan would allow eligible customers to pay for their system as part of a Kiwibank home loan, with Kiwibank “kicking in” NZ$2,000 over four years.


“The sustainable energy loan can be included when you move your current home loan to Kiwibank, as a top-up on an existing Kiwibank home loan or on a new Kiwibank home loan. Kiwibank will contribute NZ$2,000 (over four years) towards the cost of the system and if you’re already a Kiwibank home loan customer, Kiwibank will waive the top-up fee.”

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