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Rebecca Ford

Hi all.

Great job Sally and Phil on getting the hub up and running. It’s looking really good. Just a few ideas of what I want and what would be useful for me:

1) Like Sarah I am looking forward to the resource library and the ability to see who others are and connect. But realise this takes some time.

2) I’d like to be informed (maybe via email) when someone posts something/something is added that I want to look at. But at the same time I dont want every single update as this would be frustrating. I don’t know if we can do this by having filters/options to select and deselect what sort of information gets pushed to you, and what you have to search for (like the way facebook, for example, gives you these options).

3) I want to be able to easily contact other users when I am looking for something in particular (for example, ideas from the community about how they engage with households/recruit people/etc. etc.), and I want to have an easy way for this information to be shared (privately if necessary).

Looking forward to working with you over the coming months and seeing how this develops! Great stuff Sally – it seems all your hard work is starting to pay off!