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Some useful things coming up here guys.

As far as I’m concerned the conversation that’s been going on in this thread has been really valuable. Thank you to all who have contributed. As I’m not a subject expert I have mostly been staying out of it.

I believe that content will be hugely important for the Hub (I expect it will be one of the key things that attracts people to participate), and as far as I can tell this discussion, and hopefully others like it, will be part of strengthening collective knowledge (content) and making it accessible to other participants.

Norman, you raise an interesting point though around the issue of engagement and process, which I think for the sake of this discussion can usefully be thought of as separate from the question of content.

It is my hope that the Hub is much more than just another social network site that people log into now and again. We have enough of those already! It was always intended to be more than that and I would like to see it become a platform for a group of people with a set of shared principles (advice should be based on good practice/good science, independent and accessible) and objectives  (improving households access to high quality, independent advice for the sake of facilitating change) to collaborate and look for common solutions.

At this stage participation on the site IS fairly low (but it is increasing – and I think good content will help with that). For this reason it has so far been a little tricky to facilitate the “process” discussion on line.

However, this discussion is timely, as I am particularly interested in how we can continue the discussion we started at the original workshop (almost exactly a year ago), now that we have created the foundation for the Hub (i.e. got the funding for the pilot, set up the site infrastructure).

For all those who were at the workshop last year, there was a lot of excitement about the possibility inherent in the Hub. How do you think we can re-activate that discussion now the mechanics are in place?? Can we do it online, or do we need another mechanism?

Also, what is the most useful part of the dialogue in this thread? How can we make it useful for other practitioners? For you, what it most important: content or engagement/collaboration?

Really keen to hear your thoughts.