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Norman Smith

Hi Paul and all…. is there a building scientist in the house?

The ceiling and underfloor are obviously where to start and staging the upgrade process by installing insulation there and experiencing the impact over the next winter is the way to go.

Your comment¬† “The ceiling and under floor will make the biggest difference” is an interesting one – hence my call for a building scientist. Once the ceiling and underfloor have been upgraded does this then make the walls and windows the weak points in the building envelope? I would think yes.

Agree with your comments about air ingress except in terms of cost effectiveness and benefit I would put it first, ahead of any insulation. Its one of those situations where everyone  says weatherising, yes, yes, but very few people do it thoroughly, even professional installers. It is just so UN-sexy. It also takes a surprising level of understanding of building construction and skills with caulking guns etc, and of course time.

It just so happens that for a ‘case study’ I am about to undertake a serious weatherising attack on an exposed house in Wellington where its not possible to install any insulation. We will be documenting in some detail, and perhaps making a short film, of what we do (I think people will be surprised) and then reviwing the impact.

In my experience I don’t think anythink quite like this has been done before. Also, and I may be wrong, while there are bits and pieces published¬† – e.g. http://www.beaconpathway.co.nz/files/docs/HomeSmart_Renovations_homeowner_newsletter_Mar09.pdf – I haven’t come across a comprehensive and illustrated resource covering all aspects of weatherisation. What have I missed?

Perhaps I should ask EECA to help produce this and put it on their website!
Cheers, Norman