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Norman Smith

There is another technique being offered in Wellington by a company with a background in wall linings, plastering etc which can be described as ‘keyhole’ surgery. Here is what I understand. Holes are cut in intervals in the existing gib between the joists and the gib removed. Insulation is then inserted and the  gib replaced and re-plastered/repainted. This company is associated with a residential energy services company so will be well informed about the various other issues as outlined by Vicki. There are a number of interesting aspects to this method (1) the cut is made on an angle so it is relatively simple to fix the gib pieces back on (2) skirting boards, scotia etc are not disturbed so they are not damaged and (3) the issue of building permits as walls are being replaced does not apply. While this is not cheap and the final performance of the insulation may not be quite as good as taking off entire walls, it will cost much less.  Could be 80:20 both in cost and performance. I understand this company is looking to expand into Christchurch. I am not providing the company name as I am not aware of the hub proptocol in this regard. The organisation that really ‘nails’ retrofitting light timber frame walls will make their fortune. Regards, Norman Smith