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Norman Smith

Hi Sally, Agree it can all be confusing as terms get mixed up, also in the US weatherizing means different things. I ran the terms weatherising/draft proofing together to try and capture the overlap of terms and confusion between NZ and elsewhere. Here in NZ I experience ‘insulating’ being used to describe what is sometimes called weatherising in the US.

Perhaps reaching agreement on terms might be something which emerges through the Hub, but that is for another time.

To Clarify: I am talking about elimination of air infiltration through the building envelope through many (many) gaps which combined add up to the equivalent a hole about one metre square. The obvious gaps are doors and windows and open fire places. This process is mainly known in NZ as draft-proofing but it is much more complex than these simple measures and requires time and some understanding of how a building lives and breathes to be successful.

Cheers, Norman