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Vicki Cowan

Hmm I think part of the problem is that there aren’t good products for some locations – and our expectations around durability of products is unrealistic – I got some of my house draught stripped by the professionals as part of a insulation subsidy and did some myself .  The professionals did a good job – but some products just don’t last.

Door draught stoppers (or whatever their technical name is – the brush seals you can stick at the bottom of doors) seem to last pretty well, but I think the reality is that draught strips maybe only have a 5 year life.

I like the V-seal product for wooden windows, because unlike most other products it doesn’t warp the wood, but even a very careful installation I think is going to fail after 5 years or so – and it is definately not a go-er for doors – I’ve seen it fail quite quickly in a lot of installations around heavily used doors. I think it only lasted about 3 years on my hardly used brand new French doors as well.

I still think the shrink wrap double glazing has to win the award for cost effectiveness however – for a really draughty window I’ve seen people put it over the whole frame – meaning the window can’t be opened – but it was really effective at excluding draughts.  I’ve used it on a fixed wooden louvre window in my bach  (actually three layers so it was strong enough to withstand the howling southerlies) and 7 years later it’s still there – and still effective.