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Paul Hansen

On the last point of Ian’s first. This is true of comment about CEN people. We are having to focus on still being here. I think a very positive thing is that we tend to fill the space that the new WuNZ:Healthy Homes program is taking. So we should be around for the medium term at least.

I think Norman is also correct in stating a lot of perception around residential efficiency will be driven by the big machines of the free market (not much is free in this market is the irony), these will be the same market forces that led us to the leaky homes type of building products and design. So community faith in their opinion has been tested.

So the independence of opinion in the hub becomes its unique selling point. There is also a good mix of opinion between science and practical implementation in the house. The more input we get from operational people from within our wider network the better. Being isolated geographically in the Far North I find the hub a good calling point to test and gain opinion on concepts/products.