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    Jo Wills

    Is there a risk with chosing a 2nd hand wood burner (which meets current standards) over a brand new one to replace an existing very old one. Are there any important considerations for chosing 2nd hand burners and are they even readily available?

    The second part of the question is what are the key things to consider when chosing a new wood burner.

    Sarah Firth

    I think these two links will be very helpful in answering these questions (we get them a lot here at Council). Don’t forget it will need a building consent and code compliance certificate!

    The following is an extract from the FAQ link:

    Can I install a second hand burner?
    You can still install a second hand wood burner as long as it meets the standards or if you live on a property of 2Ha or greater.
    It should be noted that older second-hand burners are less likely to meet the standards.


    This is a link of mfe approved burners with a good description at the top of the page:

    Keiron O’Connell

    Most council want a letter from an approved person selected by the manufacture that the fire will meet the compliance standards and 99% of the time they want a new flue kit
    If it’s a wood burner and not a multi flue it will most likely have to comply emission standards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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