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    Adam Reid

    I have been looking into the different types of these systems for somebody who is building an airtight house but not looking at going to passive house certification. I am wondering if anybody has any knowledge about the different type of heat exchanger cores used and their relative efficiency.
    Some units, such as the Mitsubishi Lossnay, have a paper core which is permeable to moisture meaning some of the moisture can be passed from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air. Their manufacturers claim that this allows higher levels of heat recovery compared to impermeable cores such as aluminium because it retains a large proportion of the latent heat component of the stale air whereas impermeable cores all of the latent heat is lost. Is this true ? According to the paper core manufacturers the high efficiency claimed by most of the impermeable cores refers only to the “sensible heat” component .
    The obvious downside to paper cores is that are not suitable for extracting from kitchens and bathrooms meaning that separate extractor fans would be required for these areas and there would be no heat recovery from these.
    In terms of cost it would be much cheaper to install a paper core system and separate extractors for wet areas compared to an aluminium core unit which can handle both. Any comments appreciated!

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