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    Vicki Cowan

    Hi HUB community,
    I am involved in a quite a few projects where it would be useful to have a cheap supply of good thermometers/hygrometers to “hand out”.

    So my question is does anyone purchase thermo/hygro monitors online? I’d love to hear if you have a good supplier of quality product. It would be ideal if the monitor captured some history (max min), so a step up from just recording current situation.

    Appreciate any advice you can provide. I’ll be looking for someone to sponsor them, so tips on this great too!


    Nik Gregg

    Hey Vicki

    I purchased a 50 off Alibaba express:


    A few have not worked, I’m still working my way through them.

    Landed cost was about $8 NZD.


    Richard Popenhagen

    Hi Vicki

    The one I use came from Jaycars, cost about $30, so not cheap if you want to buy a few, but it does have a memory so you can see what the min and max were for both temp & R/H over whatever period you want, before you choose to reset it.

    Richard P

    Nik Gregg

    The one’s I purchased from Alibaba also have memory and max and min for temp and RH.

    They can also be purchased off trade me for around $12

    Tim Bishop

    I’ve been buying these $40NZD thermometers/hygrometers because they store several weeks of data and the data can be downloaded to your smartphone.

    Also the humidity sensor is more accurate than most.



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