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    Chris Freear

    A question for you all – has anyone come across the claim (attributed to Housing NZ when I heard it) that the double glazing film should not be used as it is a potential health hazard for small children.

    any thoughts or comments gratefully received



    Norman Smith

    Haven’t heard that comment Chris but given the film is pretty similar to ‘glad wrap’ I suppose it could be said to be a potential health hazard. These days just about every producxt you buy comes shrink-wrapped and with a health warning to dispose of it carefully so it can’t get into the hands of young children. Cheers, Norman


    I haven’t heard that Chris.

    Is the assumption here that HNZC won’t use it because it is dangerous?? Or are you concerned about recommending it because it could be hazardous?

    Paul Hansen

    Sold in various contries with high litigation scenarios. I assume a nervous government employee going overboard. As stated above, it is a cling film type plastic so potentially hazardous but not while being used correctly in its intended purpose. The same guy, no doubt, has a warning/hazard sticker on his car he re-reads every time he hops in!! Those things are really dangerous unless used for thier correct intended purpose.

    Norman Smith

    True Paul, there was a Garfield cartoon this week which demonstrasted the dangers that come with flossing your teeth; another health warning needed there too.


    Maybe what they meant to say is that children could be a hazard to the film if they decide that it is a fun game to put holes in it.


    Why would you want to use it when it only has a recommend life of one heating season!

    Fred Braxton

    I have some that has happily done four heating seasons and is still performing well. But I don’t have small children!

    Vicki Cowan

    I had small children – and in the 5 years I’ve had the same film on the windows in their bedroom they have become no longer small.  The film is still largely fine – you actually have to try reasonably hard to pull it off the window, but I have had to replace a bit as poking holes in it with fingers seems to be a reasonably easy thing to do.  The main hazard in my view.  Dogs can create a bit of havoc too.

    Norman Smith

    I have some in its eighth year and going strong on four large windows which form a wall at the back of my house (each window is 800mm x 1200mm). Noting it peforms better than some double glazing, and how many DG companies would guarantee their product for that long?

    Chris Freear

    thank you for your thoughts, yes the implication was that it should not be used because it is dangerous if used inappropriately

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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