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    Vicki Cowan

    Hi, I have just been on blower to Sally and Heidi about the site and how it’s going.  I think the Forum page would work better for me if there wasn’t a layer of categories.  So when I click on Forum at top of page I get the list of topics immediately.  This is largely as I am new to such online communities (!) and found the categories a ‘mental barrier’ to diving into the actual topic.  I guess the moderator/web-clever person could ‘group’ so admin stuff on adding your avatar was below technical debate? Who knows?

    I also found out that the difference between Forum and Blog is that we are all free to write on Forum, but Sally is shoulder tapping folk to stimulate discussion in the Blog.  So come on y’all get onto adding to the Forum page….you might work your way up to getting that shoulder tap!


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    Thanks Vicki

    I’m going to talk to Phill (the developer) about this and we’ll do a bit of re-organisation to hopefully make things easier to see/find.

    It probably is best to just have one forum space for the time being so all conversation is in the same place . We can easily create new forums or ‘groups’ if we find we need them.

    Anyone got any other thoughts on this?

    How are you finding the current layout? Is it easy to find your way around? Do you feel like its easy to participate in the discussion?


    Hi guys, I’ve made some changes to the forum.

    There is now only one forum. Given the size of the community at present it seemed a better way to keep the discussion going and it removes any confusion about where to post. So for now, all online discussion happens here!

    As things go on we can modify it again and create new forums or groups to meet our needs.

    As I just said to someone, I don’t know exactly what the outcomes of the online discussions will be so the pilot is kind of a live experiment… but for the time being I’m keen a) for people to connect so we can try to develop some sense of collegiality, and common purpose, around the issues we all face in our work and b) to increase peoples awareness of who else is in the space, the collective knowledge in the group and excellent resources that are available to assist practitioners.

    I hope these tweaks will help the discussion along….





    on second thoughts…. I’ve created a second forum.  this is just to carve our stuff related to the website itself from general discussion. Hopefully this will make things clearer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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