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    Sarah Grant

    Hello extremely talented and wonderfully helpful folks!

    I have two group talks on Home Performance scheduled for next week and was wondering if anyone has any advice on delivering public talks on Home Performance? The first group is non-technical (Probus) but the second is the local chapter of Master Builders (eek!). Each talk is for approximately 40 minutes and I’ll do the basics of a home as a system including ventilation; moisture; heating and insulation; energy efficiency; waters and waste (particularly construction waste for the MB’s).

    Does anyone have a talk that I can wildly plagiarise and or a good set of descriptive phots they’re willing to share? Are there any recommendations on delivering talks to these groups? Do you get asked particular questions when doing public talks? Anything you think would be of particular interest to non-tech and highly technical groups? Anyone want to come and do the Master Builders one for/with me?!

    Thanks in advance,


    Check with Ian Mayes Sarah, he does lots of presentations to builders, I think. Or another EDA.

    Ian Mayes

    Hi Sarah,

    yes I do lots of presenatations but unfortunately I don’t do much power pointing or scripts.( I would happily give them to you if I had them ) But you will knock em dead I have every confidence. One little tool I use is believing that everyone has come to hear what you have to say and want you to succeed. My advice would be keep it simple and there will be lots of questions. Also make it about them, their health , their finances, not the environment. Another little trick is to do a Home assesment for somebody in that group, then they will support what your message on the night.

    Sarah Grant

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for posting. I’m fine giving presentations (I’ve done toastmasters for years), the thing I’m nervous about with this one is the level of expertise of the master builders group and my inexperience and lack of comprehensive knowledge about building typologies and the building industry itself.

    I think that’s a great tip though, to look at them as home owners / dwellers who might know a lot about buildings but not so much about the interactions of the various design elements and how they affect overall performance. Of course living behaviours won’t be their speciality either so that’s another course to take. I’m sure they will have all seen much more than I have in terms of rotten or ‘holey’ buildings which need repair, so they should at least be able to understand and relate to the info!

    The Probus group I’m not concerned about at all, as they want a more general talk on the Environment Centre and what we do, along with the services we provide (I’m focussing on Home Performance because I can use them to practice for the scarier masterbuilders talk the next day!). You’re not coming down to Hawke’s Bay on Wednesday for the A & P show by any chance…..?!


    Vicki Cowan

    Hi Sarah
    sorry a bit late seeing your post, I have tonnes of material you can use, I do powerpoint presentations on home performance all the time.
    Send me your email to Loise@beaconpathway.co.nz and I will send you some stuff

    Sarah Grant

    Hello again folks,

    Well having had a full on week with the A & P show locally, only one of the talks went ahead! The Probus group talk was a great success – they were very interested in what we do at the Environment Centre in general and in our Home Performance advice service.

    After stressing all day on Tuesday and spending hours researching my information and collating a powerpoint pres, I had a call from Master Builders 15 minutes before I was supposed to speak (as I was waiting in their carpark), saying they needed to reschedule the talk to next year some time! What a let down!

    Thanks Loise for the info you sent through to me, that’s really awesome, with great pics etc to aid understanding. I will of course attribute you / Beacon Pathway in any material I use from your presentations.

    Many thanks,

    Andrea Blackmore

    Lois, we should perhaps load some of our home performance related powerpoints to the resources section. Let me know which ones you thought were useful and I’ll get them loaded up so other people can use them.

    Good luck with the presentations Sarah – Beacon has lots of photos if you ever need them for powerpoints


    Scott Willis

    Hi all,
    We’d certainly appreciate being able to use (with attribution) any work out there. The Otago Property Investors Assn. have asked for a presentation on the HPA service next year, and with the HPA service gaining greater profile, it would be good to be able to grab the opportunity and do it justice, while also demonstrating the national scope of the CEN network and HPA training.

    We too have some photos, not as many as we’d like, but as we get more organised I’ll try to remember to post them somewhere too.


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