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    Hi all

    As I signaled the other day I’ve been working on the best way to evaluate this pilot and identify and agree next steps.

    After much consideration I think the best way forward is to have a face to face get together. So we now have a workshop scheduled for 27th June. The workshop will be run over a whole day in Wellington and held at EECA’s offices on The Terrace.

    The workshop will be very outcomes focussed. I don’t have a detailed agenda (or times) at this stage, but at a high level the purpose of the workshop is to:

    • Provide an opportunity for Hub participants to re-engage and assess what is working, what could be improved and the lessons learned so far;
    • Identify and explore the Hub’s long term potential and purpose. Agree shared objectives and how these fit with each partners own direction and levels of commitment.
    • Explore the components necessary to achieve any new objectives: business model, resources, membership, management and governance.

    I’m very conscious of being Wellington-centric, but on reflection I think its the most suitable location. So, I’m sending out this advance notice in the hope that as many of you as possible will be able to travel to attend. For those who can’t we’ll make sure you have access to the discussion and outcomes.

    The meeting will be facilitated by Trish Hall from Thought Partners, which specialises in working with groups that are collaborating.

    So stay tuned! I expect I will have some more information to send out to you soon (maybe some questions/things to think about ahead of the meeting…?)  Thoughts/comments at this let me know…




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