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    We’ve had a few problems with getting the site to send info to you automatically. And on the other side of the coin it seems the site it being blacklisted by some organisations.

    The digest emails should now be fixed. Please let me know if you are getting automatic updates. Also let me know if you’ve had to go to IT and what the response has been.

    Thanks a lot.

    Paul Hansen

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    Hi Sally,
    Is this the digest email we are talking of below.
    I have not been recieving emails of late from the hub and we have also updated the server at work in the last 2-3 weeks. So potentially a combo of the 2 issues has meant I have been missing out of late.
    BUT, I recieved this email just this morning!!!
    Ka kite
    Paul Hansen
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    Eion Scott

    This was the first digest I received – got it this morning. Haven’t whitelisted the URL yet, though, so maybe something you’ve done has changed?

    Scott Willis

    Hi Sally,

    Was only on the site yesterday, posted, and received an automatic update late last night. I like this bit. I am having difficulty with what is probably the easy stuff – adding my photo, etc.

    Fred Braxton

    This was the first digest I received. I’m not on a server.  I looked in my spam file and there was nothing from the Hub there.

    Nik Gregg

    Hey Sally

    I’m receiving automatic updates – very cool – thanks.



    Thanks so much for the feedback guys. Its a real relief to have the digests working again!

    FYI – if you want to change your updated to weekly (rather than daily) go here. But of course you want to come on here for a chat every day, eh?

    Vicki Cowan

    I’m getting mine too Sally – they are a good reminder to come back to the site.


    Paul Hansen

    Yes it is now.

    it comes through as a bland looking email with some hyper links.

    The previous format looked better, but stopped working.

    Ian Mayes

    yes  it is  , thank you Sally

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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