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    Greetings All

    It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and I’d like to update you about a few developments related to the Practitioners’ Hub.

    I’ve been pretty busy over the last 6 months on a number of things that have been taking my attention away from the Hub website. In the early part of this year I had the pleasure to work with a wonderful team of people from the Hub to design, develop and launch the Home Performance Advisor training http://www.communityenergy.org.nz/home-performance-advisor-certification-a-nz-first/. My involvement in that project was a distraction for me from the site itself, but I think the result was worth it because the training offers so much potential for the Hub community in the longer term.

    And secondly, I’ve begun a doctoral research project. In February I enrolled at Otago University as a PhD candidate through the Centre for Sustainability http://www.otago.ac.nz/csafe/. My project sits in the Energy Cultures research programme http://energycultures.org and I’m again fortunate to be working with some fantastic colleagues.

    Alongside this I’ve been doing actual real paid work… So this is a long way of saying that the time has come for me to hand over the reins of the Hub website. Beacon Pathway are going to pick up the administration and facilitation of this site.

    Community Energy Network, Beacon Pathway and The Enviroschools Foundation are all committed to building on the foundations of the online Hub and to continue to grow the HPA training programme. They will no doubt tell you more about that over the coming weeks. I will remain involved in a strategic capacity by sitting on the Hub steering group, but I won’t be involved operationally in the foreseeable future.

    Before I signed off I wanted to say a proper goodbye (rather than just disappearing into the ether) because I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped get the Hub (and the training) to the stage it is at currently. It’s been a collaborative effort from day one and has only got this far because of the energy, commitment and generosity of many, many people and organisations. I think the Hub will really continue to grow. So I wanted to say thanks. And good luck!

    You might be interested to know that my research topic is looking at social transitions to better performing (existing) housing. And I have a particular focus on the role of the ‘middle’ in creating that change. By the middle, I mean people like you (who aren’t government or policy makers (top) and aren’t households (bottom), but work to create, enable and – in some circumstances – disable change). So expect me to continue to darken your doors, just in another way!

    All the best


    Fred Braxton

    Well done Sally, thanks for being Hub Mother and best wishes for the next stage

    Ian Mayes

    yes , well done Sally and thank you for all your hard work and great ideas. I know you will continue to contribute in many ways.

    Eion Scott

    Many thanks for your hard work Sally, good luck with the PhD and other impendings…


    Thanks so much for all your work Sally. Hi to Janet at the Centre for Sustainability!

    Scott Willis

    Thank you Sally, and now I hope we’ll see more of you in our neck of the woods! Your work on this, and the collaborative work to make it happen (which takes significant commitment and skill) has created something incredibly valuable for a growing independent and passionate NZ voice FOR healthy homes and against fuel poverty.

    Its exciting to think of the focus on strengthening this online tool and service while building up the HPA training programme – these two elements ‘feel’ as if they are the right things at present, to help leverage a shift in Energy Culture.

    This is a much needed research area – we need analysis done and stories told, so I think your news is excellent news and I hope we’ll see snippets of it along the way to the big Phd.

    Please come and darken our door when you’re next in town!

    Phil Squire

    Go Dr. Sal. Thanks Sally, you’ve left a fine legacy – and who knows what the next election could bring in the shape of refined policies.


    Thanks for all the good wishes guys.

    I’ll still be floating around somewhere in the background. And Scott – will certainly darken your doors when I’m down South.


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