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    Jo Wills

    Hi all, as you know Community Energy Network is about to deliver a national training programme for Home Performance Advisors, this is competency based training and will be branded as such. We are looking for an organisation which can work with us to create the visual brand for CEN Certified Home Performance Advisors, experience in the residential energy or housing sector would be preferrable. If you know of one, please let me know at jo@communityenergy.org.nz , preferrably Nth Island based so I can meet with the designers in person.

    As there is a bit of work (post course) for the people going through the training to become certified, we are expecting the actual use and promotion of the visual brand to be available either late this year, or early in the new year, however later this year will be the target. We will be talking about it and building up momentum long before then, and we have already developed what it means to be certified, what we need designed now is the actual visual appearance of the certification and we need branding experts for that.

    It will be ready to go for CEN members who have passed the programme BEFORE we launch the training to the wider sector, so CEN members will have the jump for the new year.

    So this is a call out to Hubbers who might know of a great branding agency that I can work with. It will be great to be able to test the brand on the sector (hubbers and CEN members) as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all!

    Phil Squire

    Hi Jo

    We have a designer (rather than a branding agency) who has created our brand logos. We like her. Let me know if you’re interested.

    Scott Willis

    Hi Jo,

    Likewise, our new BRCT logo and the BRCT pages along with the Blueskin Energy Project website were all designed by the same designer. Dunedin based, but nationally recognised and only works with stuff he believes in or people he likes. Let me know if you want an intro.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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