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    Hi All

    A quick note to let you know that although its pretty quiet on the site at the moment the Hub and the pilot hasn’t been forgotten. There’s quite a lot going on behind the scenes. I’m working on a plan for us all to evaluate “the Hub so far” and work out the next steps, and I should be able to come back to you with an update really soon.

    I hope you’re all adjusting to the change in season and your work is going well.

    Looking forward to reconnecting soon

    Jo Wills

    Hey Sally, I am still using the Hub on a regular basis, not always contributing to conversations but definitely accessing the best practice library and using the search function to refresh my memory on previous dicussions. I find it an extremely useful resource and looking forward to the evaluation and next steps!

    Scott Willis

    Hi Sally and Jo,

    I have to say like you Jo that I’ve been dipping into discussion threads and resources since I’ve worked out how to get onto the site, not just making a comment or posing a question.

    Last week Chris Freear for BRCT began work with 6 individuals to introduce Energy Audit skills. Chris mentioned how useful it would be for these people to have access to the Hub as they learn – I don’t know if he’s suggested that to you yet?

    As always, as winter looms, interest in advice, insulation, heating systems, etc is starting to mount again and particularly this week when the rain has finally come. Though its not yet cold in Dunedin, it does focus the mind on the importance of warm cosy homes! So this pilot is providing benefit to us here at BRCT I can honestly say, and I’m interested to see what the evaluation will reveal as I think the potential from this initiative is vast. Goodness knows, we’re working here in Dunedin on the smell of an oily scrap of a rag and with the scale of the challenge in front of us we need as many friends and collaborations as possible to even attempt to address fuel poverty in Dunedin and environs.

    Vicki Cowan

    I’ve just started looking in detail at the resources in the Best Practice Library for the Hub and providing comments on the quality of each of the resources.  It would be great if other people could do the same, as it’s the only way we are going to be able to move forward with improvements.  A lot of the stuff is Beacon’s, so as a co-author I’m not in a good position to comment on them – looking forward to other’s feedback!

    Ideally I am thinking we should be aiming to provide a resource in the library which addresses each of the questions raised in the Forum discussions.  Is this where we need to be heading?


    Jo Wills

    That’s a really practical suggestion Lois. There are still lots of things I look for in the library that aren’t there…I can work on the questions as a starting point.

    I hear you too Scott! Being able to tap into the knowledge and resources of the hub is a great, like you, I need to be very creative with gaining the info I need for a lot of the work I do, the Hub has massive potential.


    Great feedback guys.

    And thanks for your comments in the BPL Lois, that’s a great start and I’ll certainly be encouraging others to do the same.

    Also lots of food for thought for where we go next.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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