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    Andrea Blackmore

    Morning all

    Sally has handed over the administration of the Hub to me – she has done such a good job, they are big shoes to fill!

    I am only slowly learning the ropes so forgive me if things don’t run as smoothly for a while. But let me know what’s not going right and I can try to fix it. If you need to contact me, email me on andreab@beaconpathway.co.nz

    I’m doing this as part of my work for Beacon Pathway. I am the Communications Liaison person for Beacon, which makes me a kind of Babelfish (for those who know Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!) – I translate the research-y language of our reports into something that ordinary people can understand. So I look after Beacon’s website, write newsletters, and produce materials such as fact sheets, brochures and other publications. I also work with communications people to get messages out into the media.

    I have been a little involved in the Home Performance Advisor training programme as I proofed and formatted the training manuals – if you see a typo, it’s me you can blame! At Beacon we’re excited about the potential for the HPA programme and the Hub as a means for ongoing support of advisors. Helping with the administration of the Hub is one way we could see to show this support.

    Looking forward to working with you all


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