Welcome to the Hub!

Before you get started there are a few things we’d like you to know so please take the time to read through this page.



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Pilot project

This is a pilot initiative. That means we’ve got some clear ideas about what we want to achieve but things are not yet fully formed. Please read About the Pilot before you get started.

Terms of Use / Netiquette

I’m sure you took the time to read the small print when you ticked the box to log in, but in case it whizzed past in a blur of excitement here they are again.

Please take time to read the Terms of Use. Posts can be removed and membership can be suspended at any time for breaching them.

  1. Users are responsible for all activities that occur under their account and password. We will do our best to ensure the security of the site however we are not responsible for comments attributed to you reaching a wider audience.
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Getting started

When you get into the site please start by watching the short video about the Hub. Then take a look around the site and read the blog as it has some ideas for you to get started with.