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Sarah Grant

Hi all,

I don’t have anything constructive to add, just a quick note. My husband and I just bought our first house, and I went through it with my HPA hat on before we tendered. Amazingly I found the water at the bathroom tap (approx 6m away from the cylinder with unlagged pipes) was 64deg and still climbing when I stopped measuring – scaldingly hot. Shower pressure in this house is a truly pathetic 2L/min and the cylinder is as old as the house (1964) and has no adjustable thermostat. I haven’t seen too many hot water issues in my various assessments (apart from high use), but this shows that they’re still out there and probably not that uncommon.

Needless to say that’s the very first thing we’ll be renovating. We’re considering a heat pump hot water system since we’re upgrading the cylinder anyway. The house has just been upgraded to mains water having been on bore water until the last few months so it’s a good time to sort it out.

Great question and good discussion. 🙂