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Hi Eion

Thanks for your feedback this is all useful stuff. I’ve add responses below.

I had to persist with this app – it came up first all squeezed up, so loaded a different picture. Quite a fiddly system, not sure what the advantage is of saving to the cloud over hosting the picture on your site (but then I’m a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to new fangled technologies…)

The BuddyPress platform we are using makes use of the Gravatar (“Globally Recognised Avatar”) system at https://en.gravatar.com to manage user avatar pictures.  Additionally there is a partially hidden method to upload your own profile image directly into the site which isn’t working very well. We are hoping to have a fix in place with a software update within the next week. However we can’t guarantee the manual uploading method will remain as it may be too buggy.  The gravatar option is the best option currently for uploading and setting your profile pic.

Re adding information to your profile, I can’t see any field to do this in. Am I missing something? Should we not have fields for Organisation/Role, maybe Town/City, maybe a short description of quals/interests? Would be good to guide what people say rather than leave it open, as some people will spend a lot of time and others won’t bother.

There is a bug in the system at present which means the profile template isn’t working correctly. We have contacted the developer and hope that these bugs will be fixed in the next update. These are teething problems which we hope to have sorted out soon.

Re one issue I had with the blog page, when I clicked on the link in Lois’ blog on summer overheating it couldn’t find the page, so I think it’s set up to search only this internet site. Worked ok when I pasted into a web browser.

Yes, the link was broken, its now been fixed.

Also, are we meant to reply to blogs? Doesn’t seem like there’s a comment opportunity.

Yes, definitely! There is a comment box at the bottom of the page. We’ve made a slight change to the format of the page so you don’t have to scroll down so far to see it.

Who gets to write blogs and how?

There are no rules written about this. Because its a pilot we’re feeling our way and I’m open to thoughts/comments and better ideas. My starting place has to ask a few people to write “topic” blogs, like Lois’s that we thought would be topical, useful and help to start a conversation. I’ve also been contacting people (a little slowly and randomly I admit) to invite them to write profile blogs about their organizations (I’ve already spoken to an EDA about this). Other than that its open for discussion. If you’ve got a topic or an issue you’d like to write a blog on, please let me know.

To everyone, if you’d like to write a blog profiling your organisation and the work you do, please let me know. Similarly if there is a particular topic you want to write on – or you think we should try to find someone else to write on – I’d love to hear about it.