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Scott Willis

Hi Jo and all,

Great news. We at BRCT are excited that this initiative will have CEN branding – we know people come to us and trust us because they know we are not selling and are not commercial, and I think CEN’s name and our approach could well be mutually reinforcing.

We like the intention to ‘support’ existing programmes.

We are aware of confusion in the Energy Advice area, and think the time is right for CEN to put an authoritative mark on Energy Advice provision and training.

One of the most interesting things to come of our BRCT’s Energy Audit training is the consensus among the volunteer energy auditors undertaking the training to focus on renewable energy solutions (“We will not recommend fossil fuel options. (Coal, oil or gas heating)”). Chris reported to me that he was surprised at the strength of feeling on this issue and I’m pleased that it looks be a defining feature of this group of auditors – signalling a very comprehensive, integrated approach to Energy Advice.