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Vicki Cowan

Hi Norman and Paul

Just caught up with this one and whether wall insulation retrofit is high priority.

Beacon’s research on the wall insulation retrofit issue is really clear – and reinforces what others have found about ceiling and underfloor insulation retrofits.  ie:

-ceiling and underfloor insulation retrofit is critical – you get big gains in ease of heating – and therefore health outcomes.  But once people work out that they can now successfully heat their home – they do so.  So energy savings (after perhaps an initial modest amount) are all taken back in temperature gains.  And that’s a good thing.


-houses with just ceiling and underfloor insulation will still often be damp – it’s hard, even when good practice moisture management (extract ventilation, vapour barrier etc) is put in place, to get a house that has only ceiling and underfloor insulation, to be dry.  Wall insulation is critical here. And once you install wall insulation – then energy savings will also be made.  Of course at this point double glazing would be great as well – and for the financially constrained, the shrink wrap double glazing is a great option.

So if people are wanting to lower their heating bills/save energy and have a dry house, then wall insulation is a critical part of this story.  Which is why Beacon is advocating so strongly that its a measure that should be included in houses being repaired in Christchurch.

Interesting to note that on average people replace their wall linings once every 30 years – so if someone is planning to reline, getting wall insulation in is critical.  Similarly if they are planning to reclad.  So it should be part of people’s thinking in any major renovation.  It certainly is in mine!