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Sally Blackwell
Paper Walls Report
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Many of you may be interested in this new report from the Anglican Social Justice Unit that analyses the laws that protect healthy housing in New Zealand. Link below and I will upload it to the Best Practice Library 


“Paper Walls: The law that is meant to keep rental homes healthy.” Paper Walls is a comprehensive research report into legal health standards in rental housing. You can find it at

The Paper Walls Report analyses the laws that are meant to keep rental housing healthy in Aotearoa New Zealand. Paper Walls:
  • Uncovers new arguments and options for tenants,
  • Finds pressure-points for legal change to help tenants,
  • Answers the questions:
    • Why aren’t current laws protecting tenants from unhealthy homes?
    • What laws need to change?
    • How can tenants in substandard rental housing in New Zealand protect themselves?
    • How can New Zealand’s housing law be used to raise rental housing standards?

Paper Walls should be really useful for tenants, advocacy groups, local government, policy workers, government departments and any people or organisations working with tenants. 

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