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Richard Popenhagen

Yes the EDA’s recently had a discussion on downlight developments and we should incorporate this into an information sheet at some stage. Two very important points, 1) Make sure that the downlights are the new IC-4 rating. These are tested to ensure that no air transfer is permitted between living spaces and the ceiling space. The IC-4 replaces the IC-F rating. 2) Make sure the drivers (the electronic devices that control the power to the lights) are able to be covered with insulation. Most drivers can not be covered, which requires the electrician to cut a hole in the insulation so that the driver can sit on top of the insulation. More drivers are coming on the market that are now coverable and can be installed under the insulation. Ideally the downlights would also have an minimum IP rating of IP65. A lot are only IP44 rated, some as low as IP20.