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    Vicki Cowan

    Hi all,
    I am advertising our Level 1 course. Due to hot demand (thanks Sustainability Trust!) we are holding L1 in Wellington on the 1st February.

    The 2018 registration forms will be on the Beacon website in the next week or so, but you can signal interest by contacting me (vickic@beacopathway.co.nz) or Jo Wills (homeperformanceadvisor@gmail.com).

    The associated Level 2 advisor training course will be held in Hamilton 5-7th March, so mark that in your diary too!

    Your time is coming, lets hope there is ENORMOUS demand from all quarters to support NZ’ers upgrading their homes, they need whole of house, independent robust advice. This course trains advisors to do just that!
    We look forward to seeing you in Wellington and then Hamilton.
    Kind regards

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