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    Rebecca Ford


    Hi all….
    I work as part of the Energy Cultures group at the University of Otago and I will be writing a blog soon about the Energy Cultures research project, and the results of our research to date. However, right now, I’d like to get some input and feedback into a new project we are getting underway.
    We realise that sometimes the academic world works in isolation to the on-going work of other organisations and practitioners working on the ground. This is something we want to avoid, and therefore we would appreciate input from you in the conceptualisation and development of a new tool.
    Because of the importance of personalized energy advice for households to make changes, the Energy Cultures 2 project contains a research stream, which we have called “Personalised Energy Priorities”. The idea of this is to develop an Internet based tool, or the framework for a tool, which can help deliver personalized energy advice to households. One of the key aspects of this tool is that is helps prioritise the energy advice for a particular household according to their personal preferences as well as their context (i.e. house type, actions already taken etc.).
    Obviously it would be great if we could reach all homes in NZ to provide expert energy advice in person, but this is not always possible, so the idea behind this tool is to help deliver energy saving actions/recommendations when it is not possible to have them delivered in person. It might also be a tool that could be taken up by practitioners – right now our ideas are very flexible and we want your input to help us create something that will be useful on the ground, and not just for research.
    I would welcome your input and feedback here, or if you would like to become involved in this research project please email me (rebecca.ford@otago.ac.nz) and I can send further information, and organise a phone call to chat more about the specifics of this work.

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