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    We’re approaching a time where we will need to make some decisions about the future of the Hub.

    Ultimately this will involve some evaluation and some decision making about if and how things are run in the longer term.

    I’d like to hear from you, about what you think is the best way to do this.

    For instance, can we facilitate discussions and decision making on line through the forums? (I have my doubts…)

    Do we need a face to face meeting?

    Should trial a webinar or online meeting?

    What methods are you interested in participating in?



    Jo Wills

    Hey Sally, I wonder if a quick survey based on the Hub’s usefulness and peoples use of it is a way to start the ball rolling?  It could be the first stage of the evaluation process, followed by either a face to face or online meeting.


    Thanks Jo. I think you could be right.

    We’re looking at a very simple survey tool that can be added to newsletters at the moment. I think this will help. And I always envisaged a full survey monkey type survey as part of the evaluation. I’d like to wait a little bit before running that though.

    What do other people think?


    Norman Smith

    I know initiatives such as this tend to start slowly, pick up speed and then (hopefully) go viral as their value becomes apparent. Having said that, I’d be interested to know if the current level of participation is more, less, or about what was expected. Cheers, Norman



    Hi Norman, I didn’t know what to expect… hence the pilot : )

    However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed with online engagement. However, I’m uncovering a few technical challenges that may be part of the cause of that, which I’m now trying to sort out. All in all things are moving in the right direction though.


    Vicki Cowan

    Hi Sally I used to look at The Hub regularly – and was prompted by the digests and emails.  Now they’ve stopped, I keep forgetting to come online – so perhaps that’s part of the issue for other people?



    I think it is Lois. Phill is frantically trying to fix the bug, so fingers cross this will be resolved soon!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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