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    Hi guys – please see this from Olivia from EcoMatters in Auckland.

    Hello folks
    We have a large surplus of toilet Gizmos so would like to offer some to other like-minded organisations at cost. We have had a few out of town (as far as Chch) enquiries about where to purchase from as council websites often mention them but don’t appear to stock them – on that note, please feel free to pass this email onto your relevant local council departments if you think it will be of interest.

    Gizmo Details
    For those of you who haven’t heard about the humble but mighty Gizmo, they are a small lead weight that is installed inside not-so-efficient toilet cisterns above the water line, to limit flushing. A great water saving product to sell within the community or to include in water saving projects as we do here in Auckland. Installation instructions with pics attached.
    A gizmo can save up to 28 litres per day per person in single flush toilets, or up to 10 litres per person per day in the older dual flush toilets with plastic cisterns!
    $1.10ea incl GST, minimum order of 10 units. Unfortunately they are super-heavy so transport is often expensive, maybe something to lug home in the boot next time coming through Auckland?

    Olivia has just joined the Hub so you might see her profile but you can email her on olivia@ecomatters.org.nz


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