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    Hi All

    This is where the Hub comes into its own (I hope). I want to hear from advisors who are being faced with tricky moisture problems on the job. (you may or may not have already solved them…)

    A small group of us are developing an Advisors’ Guide on Internal Moisture at the moment.It will be available through the Hub and it will be targeted at diagnosis and treatment (i.e. resolution) of moisture issues for advisors.

    As part of this we want to include some case studies where the cause of the problem and its eventual solution might have been unexpected or involved some lateral thinking.

    Lots of interesting issues were coming up late last year in the forum discussions here about internal moisture, including condensation and ice forming on the roof lining following the installation of ceiling insulation, which damaged the building fabric as well as the insulation. Or Richard Popenhagen’s great example of the unexpected… diagnosing that moisture was being distributed into the house by a ventilation system that was drawing sub-floor moisture up through the wall cavities and into the ceiling space and then circulating it into the living space. You can read about Richard’s example in the Best Practice Library here.

    I’d really like to here about some more examples so that we can put together really useful and relevant case studies. If you have some interesting (or seemingly not that interesting) examples, please share them here so we can build on the knowledge in this community, which is already vast!








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